Fibre Optics and Sensors

Our applied research and development efforts focus on both manipulating and shaping the fibres themselves and designing and prototyping optical sensors and a variety of fibre subsystems. 

Sensor Packaging

We design and shape sensors for physical data such as temperature, pressure, distortion and vibration, as well as for chemical detection systems.

We specialize in industrializing sensors and adapting them to custom environments and specific operating conditions.

Bragg Grating Writing

We have two Bragg grating writing stations, one interferential and the other using a phase mask.

With these automated stations, we can develop and validate new architectures for more robust grating writing.

Fibre Optic Packaging

We are able to apply procedures such as tapering, splicing and coupling for designing and prototyping various fibre subsystems using both conventional and medium infrared fibres (ZBlan and InF3).

Our equipment can be used to manipulate fibres of significant diameter (up to 3 mm) and offers the possibility of handling and fusing different types of fibres with different fusion points.

Related Projects

Here are a few projects that mobilize fibre optics and sensors 

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